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How scholarships help achieve your long-term career goals

December 03, 2019

A scholarship does not guarantee a successful career, but it does create various opportunities for you to pursue your long-term career goals earlier on.

The positive effects of a scholarship go beyond the short-term benefits like supporting your studies financially and securing your employment right after your graduation. Many of the benefits offered through scholarships can arm you for success in achieving your long-term career goals as well. In fact, having qualified for a scholarship in the first place already creates a positive impression of your abilities to any potential employers once the bond is served.

Still can’t see the big picture? Here are some reasons why having a scholarship will pay off in your long-term career goals.

1. Access to mentorship opportunities

For starters, being on a scholarship often gives you the opportunity to meet mentors who can be powerful guiding forces before you even get started on your full-time position. Take every chance you have to seek guidance from your mentor. They have years of experience that you can learn from, be it advice on how to handle challenging clients or stakeholders, or insight into how to get past certain stumbling blocks. Drawing on their lessons will help to lay a strong foundation that will serve you well when met with your own work challenges.

2. Build a network

Often, being a scholar means you’ll gain access to a network of fellow scholars and alumni who will be a valuable information source to guide you through your schooling years and career. On top of that, as you move on to gain more experience, you will hopefully have built strong bonds with like-minded people whom you can turn to for advice, contacts or simply a different perspective – just don’t forget that you need to bring something to the table as well.

3. Valuable experiences

Scholars are often offered internship opportunities with the scholarship provider even while they are still in school. These provide invaluable exposure to the industry and the various roles within an organisation, which allows you to form a better solid idea of where your career plan should take you once you have graduated. It’s a definite advantage compared to just being thrust into a role after graduation, only to realise it isn’t everything you thought it would be.

4. Planned career progression

As a scholar, you’ll often find yourself enjoying faster progression up the career ladder. You might be groomed for leadership early in your career and even enjoy the additional responsibility of being put on a project team or committee that offers high visibility of your accomplishments to leaders within the organisation. All of this will pay off even after the early years of your scholarship—recognition from managers can mean you are prioritised for promotions, while your exposure to varied projects that demand different skillsets can make you a highly desirable hire for future employers.

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