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Searching and applying for scholarships and education courses is an important process. With ScholarInsight as your companion, you'll find this task a lot easier!

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An all-in-one online portal for students and alumni in the early stages of your career planning. We help connect you with scholarship providers, Institutes of Higher Education, and organisations within industries to give you career insights for your planning process.

This easy-to-use site, gives you fast access to all the key information and tools you need. ScholarInsight simplifies your scholarship and higher education search and application process by utilising a ONE scholarship application for multiple scholarships. Say goodbye to the tedious process of filling out the same information on multiple forms!

With a robust search engine, we connect scholarship seekers to scholarship providers.

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Career coaching, workshops, and networking events.

The 100 most desired graduate employers in Singapore!

Find job openings, industry trends, and what it takes to build a career in one of these most desired employers in Singapore.